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Architects in Orlando, are you looking for a robust platform to network and grow your practice? County Line Connections BNI Chapter in Winter Garden invites you to join our community of professionals. Our unique hybrid model of in-person and online meetings provides the perfect backdrop for architects to connect with potential clients, collaborate with other industry professionals, and build lasting relationships.

Why County Line Connections is Beneficial for Architects

1.  Expansive Professional Network  |  

Gain access to a diverse group of businesses and individuals who may require architectural services, from residential projects to commercial and public works.

2.  Targeted Business Referrals  |  

Our referral system ensures that you receive leads that are well-suited to your expertise and business goals, helping you to secure projects that align with your vision.

3.  Collaborative Opportunities  |  

Collaborate with real estate professionals, builders, interior designers, and more, opening up avenues for innovative and integrated projects for both commercial and residential opportunities.

4.  Develop Your Skills as a Networking Professional |  

Joining our Chapter gives you access to over 900 BNI professionals in the Central Florida area, and beyond that you can access your best referral partners across the State.  Being in BNI means your profile is also published to the entire BNI network giving you the potential to receive referrals from people and businesses moving to Orlando and Central Florida. 

5.  A Supportive Community  |  

The supportive environment at County Line Connections encourages sharing of knowledge, experiences, and advice, fostering both personal and professional growth.

Join Us and Shape Your Future

As an architect, your business thrives on connections, creativity, and visibility. County Line Connections offers you a dynamic platform to showcase your work, connect with potential clients, and collaborate with other industry professionals.

Elevate your architectural practice with County Line Connections. Visit to learn more and become part of our innovative BNI Chapter.

Weekly Meetings – Every Thursday

We meet Online via Zoom

7:15 am to 9:00 am

We meet in-person for the first Thursday of each month at 

Lakeside Church at 16001 W Colonial Drive, Oakland, FL 34787

7:20 am to 9:00 am

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